1. What is Knowledge Fusion Map?

    Knowledge fusion map has a tree-like structure. It can be expressed as three tuple KFM= (T, F, KF). Among them, the T represents a domain-specific topic, such as the clustering algorithm,"K-means"; Sets F represents a collection of the T's different facets, for example, the facets of "K-means" include "overview", "feature", "algorithm step" etc. The KF represents some knowledge fragments of a T's facet.

  2. How to formulate a query?

    Just enter one topic of a certain domain you are interested in.

  3. Where these knowledge come from?

    Knowledge fusion map is mainly mined from linked data on the Semantic Web.It is organized by Resource Description Framework(RDF).At the same time, we extracted and processed some valuable data from the Wikipedia as a supplement

  4. How to download data from Knowledge Fusion Map?

    In the future, we will publish part of our data set as kmap dumps(our open data website).